Every year we just keep getting worse! Bookings open through Spring and Summer 2024!!!

Discover Cambridge with Terrible Tours!

At Terrible Tours we think the best way to learn is to laugh. And that’s usually about stories and people rather than architecture and dates, and above all about what’s odd, funny, grisly, or smelly and generally revolting!

Yes Cambridge is home to one of the world’s greatest Universities. But it’s about much more than that. Rank Romans, scary Saxons, vile Vikings and nasty Normans all came here long before the first scallywag Student ever did. It's alive with stories (and ghosts!)

And while our founder is a proper full-on history bore and studied it here as a student, luckily for you all of our tour guides are experienced entertainers. Our aim is to make your experience of our beautiful city as fun, immersive, and above all memorable, as possible.

So if you want someone to spend ten minutes explaining the difference between a Gothic and a Tudor arch, or give you the specific year and month each College chapel was completed, then we are NOT for you! Please go to one of the many other Cambridge walking tour businesses that can do just that for you.

But if you’re actually wanting a walk around our historic city that you’ll enjoy so much you’ll wish it lasted longer, rather than counting down the minutes till it’s over, we really hope you’ll try us out. And when you have we hope you’ll agree we’re terrible. But in a good way.

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Did you know...
The founder of Gonville & Caius college specified that 'chronic invalids and Welshmen' should be excluded from entry!

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Every year we just keep getting worse! Bookings open to through Spring and Summer 2024!!!
We're back and worse than ever before!
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