Every year we just keep getting worse! Bookings open through Spring and Summer 2024!!!

"I’ve always loved history, was a right swot at school and lucky enough to first come to Cambridge as a student to study it.

But I’ve often found myself wishing history had been as fun when I was a child as it's been for my own three children. Nowadays there are tons of great TV shows, films and books, that take you to a different place and time and where you’re often learning while laughing, without even realising.

The almost 30 years since graduating had seen me working for a load of very large businesses, including 11 years at Disney parks running the UK holiday business and then in Paris running the country sales and marketing. 

But I’d always hankered to set up a business and it was a visit to York in summer 2020 with my children that lit the blue touchpaper. 

We happened on to a really fun and entertaining tour. In fact York seemed to be full of them! The lady leading the walk really engaged with all of us and telling funny stories, her objective was that we have fun, and the result was a walk around a historic city where at the end our 3 children (15 and 12 and 9) asked if we could do again the following day.

Hmmm. A love of history? Check. Understanding what makes an experience business tick and what matters to customers? Check. 

And existence of anything like it in my home town Cambridge? Nope!

Aha! Terrible Tours was born, and I hope you’ll enjoy it."

Hugh Wood

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Our Terrible Tours of cambridge

Every year we just keep getting worse! Bookings open to through Spring and Summer 2024!!!
We're back and worse than ever before!
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